jorge is a personal static site generator, inspired by Jekyll. In this context, I1 use personal as “small and opinionated”. In practical terms, this means that jorge implements the subset of features that I find most useful in a static site generator, and that I defaulted to Jekyll’s design except in the specific cases where I had strong differing preferences.

jorge started as a Go learning project, aimed at streamlining my blogging workflow. It adds native org-mode syntax support and doesn’t require plugins for common features like RSS feeds, syntax highlighting, and minifiying. It works both as an almost drop-in replacement for Jekyll and to quickly setup fully functional (albeit minimalist and kind of ugly) websites from scratch.

This tutorial covers the basics of using jorge, from starting a site to deploying it. I tried to keep it accessible, but you may need to consult with Jekyll or Hugo documentation if you never used a static site generator, want to get the finer-grained details of template syntax, etc.



Facundo Olano 👋