jorge is a personal (small + opinionated) site generator

$ jorge init .
> site name: My Blog
> site url:
> author: Facundo
  added layouts/base.html
  added layouts/post.html
  added src/assets/css/main.css
  added src/blog/index.html
  added src/blog/tags.html
  added src/feed.xml
  added src/index.html
$ jorge post "Hello World!"
  added src/blog/
$ jorge serve
  serving at http://localhost:4001

Inspired by Jekyll, written in Go, with org-mode and markdown support.

Download - Source


  1. Introduction
  2. Install jorge
  3. jorge init: start a website
  4. jorge serve: browse the site locally
  5. jorge post: add a blog post
  6. jorge build: prepare for production


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